Jan 6, 2014

A typical day for a child in England

Click here to learn about a typical day in the life of Craig, a 10-year-old boy from England.  Read the text about Craig. Then copy the questions and answer them on your notebook:


  1. What is Craig' s nationality?
  2. What does he usually have for breakfast?
  3. Who has a typical fried breakfast? What does it consist of?
  4. What does he usually wear to school?
  5. Where do his parents work?
  6. What is a packed lunch?
  7. What time do they usually have dinner?
  8. What type of food does Craig like?
  9. What are his hobbies?
  10. What does he do on Saturdays?

And you?
What is a typical day for you? What do you usually do?
Write about your daily routine. Include 10 sentences with 10 different verbs.