ARCL Reading Room

Here you will find a selection of links to texts and reading execises from the Internet. These materials are classified into different categories according to topic, type of text, and level of difficulty.


ESL Reading Worksheets by
Short texts ebout everyday problems that different characters faces with true-false exercises

English Reading Comprehension for Beginners
English reading comprehension skills and quizzes for beginning level learners

Easy Reading For ESL Beginners by
Easy short texts for beginners

Free short English stories for English learners. Easy texts with with listening.


Extra free short English stories

365 ESL Short Stories
365 ESL Short Stories for Intermediate ESL/EFL Learners

Saber Ingl├ęs. Reading Comprehension
Texts about English and American culture: British society, British icons, famous British people, American society and culture, etc.

Printable Stories for Kids
Free Printable Short Stories by Theme 

Yr-10 / Yr-11   READERS

Reading comprehension articles
Texts a bout different topics, including reading comprehension exercises

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll)
Adapted by "". It includes vocabulary explanations.

Wiki How to do anything.
The world's "how to" manual. Read and learn how to do things by reading these collaborative articles

History of Things
A very interesting webpage about the history of things, facts and other stuff

English proverbs
Learn English sayings, proverbs and other expressions

Education Cartoons
Cartoons about education topics by Randy Glasbergen.



BBC Learning English:  Beyond the Postcard
A series that looks at some not so well known features of some very well known places. With reading comprehension exercises

BBC Learning English:  News about Britain
Read and Listen to stories and news about Britain

BBC Learning English:  Words in the News
Read and Listen to articles and news from the BBC  (with texts, audio files and video clips)